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The Britpop Bible



The definitive guide to Britpop

by Vernon Joynson

2022 will be 30 years since the birth of what became known as Britpop with the release of Blur's Popscene single in March 1992 closely followed by Suede's single The Drowners in May 1992, which are both widely considered to be the best early examples of the genre. The term 'Britpop' was not used to describe such music until 1993 but over the next few years Britpop developed as a hugely significant, musical, cultural and social phenomenon in the UK. The book's Introduction examines the cultural and social aspects of Britpop in some detail, as well as the musical ones. This superb book provides a timely guide to the significant Britpop artists and their recordings as well as several less well known ones. It contains detailed discographies, line-up data, biographies, analysis of their music, a rarity scale, details of the main various artists' compilations covering Britpop and a list of 110 Recommended Albums. The book also has postscript sections covering the main post-Britpop bands and some subsequent Britpop revival bands as well.

'The Britpop Bible' is part of a trilogy of books Vernon has written about UK music following the 'Two Volume Tapestry Of Delights' (2014) and 'A Sharp Shock To The System' (2019). The numbered, limited edition of 1,000 copies across 728 b&w pages is profusely illustrated and also contains 16 pages of full colour illustrations. There is currently nothing similar in print like this!

R.R.P: £55
ISBN: 978-1-899855-24-7
Publication: Feb 2022

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A Sharp Shock To The System


A Comprehensive Guide To UK Punk, New Wave, Post-Punk, Mod Revival, Neo-Psychedelia, Goth-Rock & Electronic Music 1976-1986

by Vernon Joynson

Following the critically acclaimed two-volume 'Tapestry Of Delights', which has become the definitive encyclopaedic guide to UK rock and pop of the 1963-1976 era, this stunning publication applies exactly the same format used for Tapestry and focusses on the revolution the music business underwent in the UK over the next 10 years and analyses the bands and artists from several exciting new genres that changes the face of music forever.

'A Sharp Shock To The System' is a numbered, limited edition publication of 1,000 copies containing 1,682 entries across 1,440 profusely illustrated pages plus 12 pages of full colour illustrations. Each entry contains detailed artists discographies and line-up details for the 1976-1986 era, biographies and, in most cases, comment and critique of their music, details of compilation appearances and an up to date rarity scale for all featured artists' album, EP and 45 releases between 1976 and 1986. Where artists continued beyond 1986, biographies continue until the present or until the artist ceased performing and/or recording.

There is nothing similar in print covering this era that has the scope and depth of this publication.

RECORD COLLECTOR: - "5/5. This thick beauty is essential.. It's the best £75 you will spend all year, trust me".

VIVRE LE ROCK: - "10/10. It stands alone, there is nothing else like this out there. Just get it. If the internet ever goes down, this will remain as the musical bible."

PSYCHEDELIC BABY:- "...absolutely essential..."

For the full Psychedelic Baby review and interview with Vernon Joynson see:

R.R.P: £75
ISBN: 978-1-899855-23-0
Publication: Oct 2019

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A Potpourri Of Melodies And Mayhem


Latin American And Canadian Rock, Pop, Beat, R&B, Folk, Garage, Psych And Prog 1963-1976

by Vernon Joynson

This is our latest title in the series that has already brought us Fuzz, Acid and Flowers (US psych, prog and hippie-rock 1963-1976) (2010), The Two-Volume Tapestry of Delights (UK rock, pop, beat, R&B, folk, psych and prog 1963-1976) (2014) and A Melange Of Musical Pipedreams And Pandemonium (Australian, New Zealand, African, Turkish And Middle Eastern Rock, Pop, Folk, Psych And Prog 1963-1976).

Following exactly the same format as for The Two-Volume Tapestry of Delights and A Melange Of Musical Pipedreams And Pandemonium, Vernon covers Latin American and Canadian rock, pop, beat, R&B, folk, garage, psych and prog between 1963 and 1976 in this latest volume.

There are hundreds of entries (large and small) in this volume. Each entry provides artists discographies (album, EP and 45). The discographies are extremely detailed and, for most entries, artists’ overseas releases are included, as well as comprehensive reissue information, details of retrospective compilations and appearances on various artists’ compilations, where applicable. Most entries contain bibliographical details and descriptions and critiques of the music in as much detail as possible. A rarity scale is also provided for albums and EP releases.

The book’s scope is even wider than the title suggests with some other genres, such as jazz and rock-soul, partly covered too. Where artists have been active since 1976, most entries include more information on their careers.

The album, EP, 45 and song titles by French Canadian and Latin American artists have been translated into English wherever possible to make them more accessible to English-speaking readers.

There are black and white illustrations throughout the book and also 12-pages of colour illustrations.

The book will be a numbered, limited edition publication – the precise quantity is still to be determined.

This is a longer book than A Melange Of Musical Pipedreams And Pandemonium, and contains 896 as opposed to 768 pages, which means we have reluctantly had to reflect this in the price.

THE AUDIOPHILE MAN:- "This book will offer hours of fun and exploratory enjoyment but, who am I kidding here, that should be years of fun and enjoyment! Great value, heaving with precious rarity information, A Potpouri ... is a complete winner!"

For the full Audiophile Man review see:

R.R.P: £55
ISBN: 978-1-899855-22-3
Publication: Nov 2017

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What The Press Have Said About Previous Books:

Mojo: 'Mind-blowing in terms of detail and scope... it faultlessly documents the era of fuzz guitar and cheesy Farfisa organ'

Record Collector: 'Like... just... totally mindblowing, dude...'

Shindig: 'A literal monster of a book... the last word on US '60s and '70s garage and psychedlia' 'should be on the bookshelf of anybody remotely interested in the groups and artists that painted the '60s musical landscape.'

PSYCH TRAIL MIX #6: 'Honestly, I’d consider this the Bible for fans of 60’s Garage/Psychedelia!'

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