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Tapestry Of Delights Expanded Two Volume Edition

ISBN: 978-1-899855-19-3

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Tapestry Of Delights - Expanded Two Volume Edition

NOW AVAILABLE!!! This stunning, vastly expanded two-volume (A-K) and (L-Z) edition of The Tapestry Of Delights Revisited contains all you ever need to know about sixties and seventies rock and pop between 1963-1976. Totalling over 2,000 pages it is over twice the size of the previous edition and over three times the size of the original edition. Even if you purchased one of the earlier editions we think you are going to love this. It is also a wonderful present for fans of sixties and seventies music.

There are hundreds of new entries (large and small). The discographies for each entry are extremely detailed and, for most entries, overseas releases are included as well as comprehensive reissue information, details of retrospective compilations and appearances on various artists' compilations, all in far more detailed than in previous volumes. Similarly, the bibliographical details and descriptions and critiques of the music are in much more detail than previously. An updated rarity scale is provided for all UK releases.

Each of the two volumes is profusely illustrated throughout and contains an eight-page colour section.

The book is lovingly written and compiled by a collector (helped by other collectors) for collectors and lovers of sixties and seventies rock and pop.

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'Delight? It's f**king heavy man!...
Joynson stitches together an astonishing amount of information across these two books...'


The Heaviest Tapestry - The definitive UK R&B, psych and prog encyclopaedia...

Whilst the book covers both psych and prog in much detail, it also sets out to cover all UK-based pop and rock artists (other than soul or reggae artists) who released vinyl between 1963 and 1976 and who are likely to be of interest to record collectors. This meas that as well as psych and prog acts, artists releasing mainstream rock & pop, beat, R&B, folk, folk-rock, jazz-rock and glam-rock are all covered too. The scope of the book is much wider than 'Fuzz, Acid and Flowers' that focuses on the US. This is because the UK is a much smaller country and had far less acts in this era than the US so it's possible to include more genres. There is just a relatively short list at the end of the book of artists who recorded between 1963 and 1976 who are not included. These are mostly artists' whose heyday was in the early sixties but who continued to record after 1963.

So the book aims to document almost all UK artists who recorded between 1963 and 1976 that are likely to be of interest to record collectors. It starts with the emergence of beat and ends at the emergence of punk. The early punk acts are not included as they wee covered in our 2001 publication 'Up Yours!'

ALSO AVAILABLE: A Limited Edition Hard Back (600 copies only)

There is also a limited edition of 600 numbered faux leather bound copies with gold embossed lettering.

ISBN: 978-1-899855-20-9

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What The Press Have Said About Previous Books:

Mojo: 'Mind-blowing in terms of detail and scope... it faultlessly documents the era of fuzz guitar and cheesy Farfisa organ'

Record Collector: 'Like... just... totally mindblowing, dude...'

Shindig: 'A literal monster of a book... the last word on US '60s and '70s garage and psychedlia' 'should be on the bookshelf of anybody remotely interested in the groups and artists that painted the '60s musical landscape.'

PSYCH TRAIL MIX #6: 'Honestly, Id consider this the Bible for fans of 60s Garage/Psychedelia!'

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