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Dreams Fantasies and Nightmares From Faraway Lands Revisited

Canadian, Australasian and Latin American Rock And Pop 1963-1975

Dreams Fantasies and Nightmares From Faraway Lands Revisited

by Vernon Joynson

This publication covers rock, pop, beat, folk, folk-rock, blues-rock, psychedelia, flower pop, garage, progressive rock and more from Canada and Australasia in this era. It is a revamped version of Dreams Fantasies and Nightmares published in 1999. It also includes a vastly expanded South American section and a completely new South African section.

The encyclopaedic guide contains discographies, line-up information and brief biographies for many of the entries included, as well as some comment about the music, compilation listings and an up to date rarity scale for album releases between 1963-1976. many artists who didn't attract the publicity they deserved at the time and many who'd never appeared in music encyclopaedias before are included in this book. The book is profusely illustrated and includes 12 pages of colour illustrations.

Out of Print

766 pages + 12 page colour section.

RRP: £32.50
ISBN: 1-899855-17-3
Publication: July 2008


***** Essential prog-pop-psych-rockography for foreign climes. Continuing the sterling work carried out in his essential books about the 60s and 70s US and UK psychedelic scenes, this hefty volume covers all the pop music outlines in its sub-title, from 1963 to '76.

Legends such as Neil Young, The Master's Apprentices, Os Mutantes and Freedoms Children are covered, but so are a massive number of utterly obscure acts, many of whom only managed one 45. A wealth of biographical and discographical information is provided as well as deft critical opinions from some of the world's leading collectors and authorities on underground music of this era.

Spread over 766 pages, the book is profusely illustrated throughout, while also boasting 12 pages of full colour illustrations. It's plainly the most exhaustive book on jts subject ever compiled, and an essential purchase for serious music fans. (Record Collector, December 2008)