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Echoes In Time

The Garage and Psychedelic Music Explosion 1980-1990

The Tapestry Of Delights Expanded Two Volume Edition (Hardback)


This book contains hundreds of band histories, discographies and interviews; historical analysis of the music, video and events of the 1980s garage scene; a guide to 1980s garage/psych compilations and fanzines; and dozens of rare photos and graphics.

Out of Print

104 pages.

RRP: £8.95
ISBN: 0-9512875-3-2
Publication: November 1991


'For collectors and curiosity seekers this book will be a fest, for anyone interested in the secret rock history of the 1980s it will be a refreshing read through the smudged back pages of a misplaced generation' (Q Magazine)

'If there is someone who can speak with knowledge of the cause of garage revivalism and the principle figures of the 1980s, that man is Timothy Gassen' (Ruta 66 Magazine)

'This book is a must for collectors and any fans of 1960s or 1980s music. As can be expected, Gassen is quite knowledgeable about his subject. This is an essential book.' (Flipside Magazine)

'An excellent reference book to a fascinating genre. One can't help but be impressed with this project' (Discoveries Magazine)

'Well written, undoubtedly valuable as a reference and oozing the commitment of a genuine fan' (Holding Together)