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Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - Revisited Expanded Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie-Rock (1963-1977)

The Flashback (First Edition)

by Vernon Joynson

This book is a guide to psychedelic rock/pop of the USA, UK and Canada. It includes album discographies, histories, criticism and a guide to the rarity or otherwise of entries. Well illustrated in black and white it also includes eight pages of colour.

Out of Print

159 pages.

RRP: First Edition: £12.50; Second & Third Edition: £9.95;
ISBN: 0-9512875-1-6
Publication: First Edition - June 1988; Second Edition - Dec 1988; Third Edition - Feb 1995

The Flashback (Second Edition) The Flashback (Third Edition)


'A very welcome addition to the bookshelf' (Record Collector)

'...Joynson leaves no stone unturned, as it were, and it is hard for even the most hardened student of psychedelia to find a faulty fact with which to quibble. (Q Magazine)

'...It's refreshing to find a pop journalist who is at much at ease writing abut Yard Trauma as he is Quicksilver... Vernon Joynson has done a commendable job' (Relix Magazine)

'The music of the last few decades has been poorly served by the printed word, so Borderline's efforts stand out like beacons' (Zip Code)

'...This is the only book I can recall that makes any attempt to cover both 60s and 80s psych in any depth. A total of almost 900 bands are covered altogether. A lot of research has gone into this book and Joynson has tried valiantly to keep the information as up to date as possible by adding extra material (as an update section) while the artwork fro the main body was being completed' (Bucketfull Of Brains)