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Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - Revisited Expanded Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie-Rock (1963-1977)

The Tapestry Of Delights Expanded Two Volume Edition (Hardback)

by Hugh MacLean and Vernon Joynson

This book, the first in a series of US regional discographies, was a detailed study of artists and groups from California with discographies, band personnel details, and in most cases some comment about the artists and the music. Rock, pop, jazz=rock, country-rock, folk-rock, punk, new wave, garage, psychedelia, heavy rock, new country, all are covered.

Out of Print

582 pages.

RRP: First & Second Edition: £12.95. Oct 1993 reprint £19.95.
ISBN: 0-9512875-0-8
Publication: First Edition: October 1987; Second A5 size edition 1988. Reprinted with text A5 size in A4 size format with illustrations Oct 1993.


'California: The Golden State is the first in what promises to be a remarkably ambitious serious of rock reference books... Its scope is incredible: rather than concentrate as most collectors in a similar position might have chosen to do on psychedelic music, the book ranges right across the board, and includes information on hundreds of different acts, familiar or obscure.' (Record Collector)

12th in Record Collectors Top 20 Rock Books of 1988.

'An impressive task' (Q Magazine)

'..Joynson and MacLean should be held in high esteem for documenting the little known combos in this book' (Relix Magazine)

'There are bands described in detail who never even recorded, every record has catalogue numbers and personnel changes. I could go on and on. It's a completists' dream, indispensable.' (Zip Code)

'...The scope of the work involved is frightening (details of interesting singles are littered around too); MacLean and Joynson deserve praise just for simply attempting such an idea. The fact they have achieved it is a minor miracle' (Strange Things Are Happening)