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An American Rock History Part Two

Texas, Arizona and New Mexico: A Southwestern Pilgrimage (1960-1989)

An American Rock History Part Two

by Hugh MacLean and Vernon Joynson

The second in the series of US regional discographies, this was a detailed study of artists and groups from Texas, Arizona and New Mexico with discographies, band personnel details, and in most cases some comment about the artists and the music. Rock, pop, jazz rock, country-rock, folk-rock, punk, new wave, garage, psychedelia, heavy rock, new country, all are covered.

Out of Print

392 pages.

RRP: £10.95
ISBN: 0-9512875-2-4
Publication: 1990


'Not really the sort of book that can be absorbed in one sitting - it's one you'll continue dipping into for months to come. It's difficult to check the accuracy of the book because most of the information is so damned obscure I have no way of checking it. However, the obsessive research of Hugh and Vernon is such that I believe almost every word they say.' (Music Collector)

'Welcome improvements have been made since the first volume, entries are fuller and more authoritative...the scope is vast and the areas' output is microscopically examined. Well worth waiting for' (Bucketfull Of Brains)

' excellent reference tome; invaluable for anybody with a genuine interest in the music of the Southwest US' (Holding Together)

'A document on the grandest scale, An American Rock History, Part Two is a stunning success, and an essential reference guide for any curious rock/pop music fan' (US newspaper review)